Special Measures under Covid-19

We have discussed the special measures we have put in place with all our tutors and they are happy to return to delivering our workshops. We have a fully comprehensive risk assessment in place that we review regularly.  We ran a successful programme in 2020 and feedback from students and tutors was that we had implemented good safety measures and they felt safe.


Special measures to help make your visit with us as safe as possible:

These will be reviewed regularly in line with Government guidelines

  • A minimum 2 meter rule will be in place with seated work stations assigned to each student and tutor, with floor markings to allow clear passage to sink area and toilet facilities.  

  • Visitors are asked to wear face masks inside unless eating or drinking.

  • Tutors wear face masks when not at the front of the class wearing a visor to aid their teaching but observing 2 meter distance.

  • We retain all visitors contact details to comply with the government test and trace scheme.  Lack of internet connection prevents us from using an NHS QR code.

  • Sharing equipment is minimised by students' bringing their own or tutors providing individual kits.

  • All equipment is disinfected before use or quarantined for over 120 hours.

  • Good ventilation is provided and visitors are requested to bring extra layers in case the room is cooler.

  • Floors and surfaces will be disinfected before your arrival

  • Hot spots such as light switches, taps and hand-rails will be disinfected regularly throughout the day

  • Two separate stations for teas and coffees will be provided

  • Visitors are encouraged to make regularly use of the hand washing facilities available with soap dispensers and hand sanitiser is provided. Paper towel dispensers have been installed

  • Toilet facilities are disinfected regularly throughout the day

  • Paperwork is sent via email or handled only by the centre manager.

Food production:

  • We already have a 5 star award for our Food Safety and Hygiene  

  • We use face masks during food preparation

  • Extra care is taken with regular hand washing

  • Food will be served with a face mask 

  • When serving, food is kept covered or a food protector is used for cake and bread

  • Trays and cutlery are given to each participant to avoid any handling

  • Kitchen surfaces are disinfected regularly

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