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Special Measures

In line with Government guidelines, we have reviewed our special measures for 2023 and made relevant changes. We have a fully comprehensive risk assessment in place that we review regularly.  We ran a successful programme in 2020, 2021 and 2022 and feedback from students and tutors was that we had implemented good safety measures and they felt safe.


Special measures:

  • Visitors are no longer asked to wear face masks but are welcome to choose to wear one if they wish.

  • We retain all visitors contact details to comply with the government test and trace scheme.  

  • Good ventilation is provided and visitors are requested to bring extra layers in case the room is cooler.

  • Hot spots such as light switches, taps and hand-rails are disinfected between workshops.

  • Two separate stations for teas and coffees are provided with hand sanitiser available.

  • Visitors are encouraged to make regularly use of the hand washing facilities available with soap dispensers and hand sanitiser is provided. Paper towel dispensers have been installed


Food production:

  • We already have a 5 star award for our Food Safety and Hygiene  

  • Extra care is taken with regular hand washing

  • When serving, food is kept covered or a food protector is used for cake and bread

  • Trays and cutlery are given to each participant to avoid any handling

  • Kitchen surfaces are disinfected regularly

Creative Adventures Together

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