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Where can I learn to dye fabric?

At Cowshed Creative in the Lake District, we offer a fantastic one day workshop in Shibori and Indigo dye techniques, so you can create your own beautiful and original cushions, scarves or T-shirts. The designs are stunning and bright as shown in the image opposite, created by a student on one of our courses.

Shibori is the Japanese art of indigo resist dyeing. In this hands-on workshop you will learn the basics of Shibori inspired folding, binding, clamping and stitching techniques.

Dipped in Indigo, you will create your own stunning patterns on fabric. Create a stash of samples (perfect for bunting or patchwork) and an original and boldly patterned scarf, T-shirt or fabric for a cushion. Perfect for the summer.

You will be shown how to prepare the dye bath and spend time preparing your materials for dyeing. The dye process is simple yet exciting and you’ll be amazed at the range of patterns that are unfolded and revealed. Experiment with different techniques on small fabric samples, then work on a larger piece of fabric to create an original piece. The samples can be transformed into bunting at home or used for patchwork.

No prior experience needed. If you want to try some of the stitching techniques some knowledge of sewing would be useful but not essential. There are lots of techniques you can try without using stitching.

To ensure you have a relaxing and enjoyable day, we include a tasty 2 course lunch with teas and coffees throughout the day and a slice of cake with tea to finish.

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