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What is Silver Clay Jewellery and how can I learn?

Updated: May 25, 2023

At Cowshed Creative in the Lake District we offer Silver Jewellery Craft workshops from our art studio in the Kentmere Valley near Kendal and Windermere.

Created by students at Cowshed Creative
Silver Clay jewellery

Invented in the 1990s in Japan, silver clay is made of fine silver particles combined with a plant based binder and water. You can work with it, a little like putty or plasticine, while it is 'damp' and pliable. It then dries a bit like clay and is delicate and slightly brittle until it is fired when it transforms like magic into sterling silver, a hard metal, to hallmark quality.

Silver clay is a wonderfully versatile material and is fantastic for silver jewellery.

You can press it into a mould and achieve. Students sterling silver pieces created at

fantastic results with impressive accuracy. Cowshed Creative - all complete beginners!

Student work at Cowshed Creative
Silver Clay Earrings and Pendant

You can roll it out flat and cut out shapes, add detail and best of all, it is fantastic for retaining imprinted detail so you can create all sorts of wonderful textures. It can be shaped and sculpted so you can achieve three dimensional objects. Silver Clay is perfect for making into Silver pendants and earrings as well as rings, small boxes and broaches. It is a highly addictive craft which can be used to make beautiful, simple pieces or wildly complex and detailed jewellery.

Student work created  at Cowshed Creative
Silver clay Pendant

Like any craft, there are lots of specialist tools and equipment but the really joyful thing about making silver clay jewellery is that you don't need much kit to get going, so it can make a great hobby or even a sideline start-up business.

If you would like to know how to get started and make some pieces, join us for a great day of making at Cowshed Creative:

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