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Access Statement for Cowshed Creative

Workshop and Classes at Browfoot Farm



We welcome all visitors/ learners to our courses and workshops and will try to accommodate, as far as possible, everyone who wishes to attend.  Please call George Grange on 01539 821210 or email: to discuss your requirements.


Working with an existing old cowshed/barn, we have tried to improve the access and comply with Approved Document M and DDA legislation, given certain constraints of the building and the terrain of the farm, which has a variety of different gradients and graveled access.


We have installed an accessible toilet on the ground floor, which complies with the Approved Document M and DDA legislation; this has appropriate grab rails, mirror and sink installed at the recommended heights.   Restrictions, caused by the height of the beams, allows the toilet door to open outwards to 90 degrees; this still enables wheelchair access.


We decided rather than installing an emergency pull cord, we would brief all tutors to be aware if students were experiencing difficulties in the downstairs toilet.  Students with a hearing impairment are asked to inform tutors.


The Cowshed ground floor to the kitchen area and toilet is accessible to wheelchair users; accessing the entrance with a ramp provided.  Unfortunately, we have no access to the second floor studio at present.   We looked at a variety of options including a stair lift.  We originally planned a straight run, but given the restricted height on the ground floor, we discovered that we had to rethink this in order not to impact detrimentally on the studio space. We ended up compromising with an internal spiral staircase and creating accessible external stairs that are compliant with building regulations.  We have discussed the possibility of installing a hoist, in order to improve accessibility, and will look at this again as our business develops.

Creative Adventures Together

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