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Paint the Lakeland Landscape: Cowshed Creative Workshops

Cowshed Creative Art Workshop; a stunning setting in the Kentmere Valley near Kendal and Windermere.

Learn to paint Lakeland Landscapes with Karen Lester
Lakeland Landscape by Karen Lester

Spend the day painting landscapes with mixed media, exploring versatile gouache paint and ways to add texture, highlights and definition using pastels .Karen Lester is a very experienced artist and tutor, who is wonderfully encouraging to beginners and those wanting to develop established skills.

Based in the Kentmere Valley, a hidden gem, beyond Staveley, you will find a peaceful, rural idyll full of birds and other wildlife. Join us for creative workshops on our traditional Lakeland farm for a great day out. and be inspired by the stunning scenery with streams, pasture land and high fell.

Paint in the Landscape at Cowshed Creative
Views from the farm At Cowshed Creative

You will learn a range of techniques and explore the properties of water-soluble drawing medium, gouache paint and pastels, developing texture and definition in landscape forms and discover ways to manage colour.

Karen enjoys working with a range of painting and drawing media including printmaking, sometimes combining these to create mixed media images. Each type of medium brings its own exciting possibilities and unique qualities, something she continually explores. Her studio base is in the south Lake District, an area where she can spend time immersed in the landscape, a source of endless inspiration.

Art workshops at Cowshed Creative with Karen Lester
Mixed Media Landscape by Karen Lester

Karen’s work has been exhibited in galleries throughout the North West over the last 25 years and she has been involved with projects including Printfest, C-Art and Go Herdwick. Karen is an experienced qualified teacher and has been teaching in the adult education sector since 2011.

If you would like to book: a landscape course here is the link: Summer Landscape workshop

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