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New Jewellery workshops at Cowshed Creative

We are so excited that Judith Brown, professional wire jewellery artist is running two workshops in July at Cowshed Creative Art Studio. Come and join us for a wire jewellery day and learn some great new skills from Judith. You will create your own unique piece of handmade jewellery using just wire, pliers, your hands and various wire techniques. You can make matching earrings too if time allows.

Adding glass beads for colour and texture, you’ll experiment with copper wire and stitching and wrapping techniques to create different exciting effects, finally bringing all your work together to make your own unique necklace. You can oxidise your piece to create the charcoal grey finish Judith uses in many of her designs. Your necklace can be long or short and can be finished with ribbon or necklace wire. The designs and colours you can use are incredibly varied and they are all refreshingly original and eye-catching. Suitable for beginners and those with some experience.

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